A saree is not just six yards of unstitched fabric but something that can enhance the beauty of any woman within the shortest span of time if you can drape it property. As far as traditional sarees are considered, they are crafted in a special way with a wide variety of fabrics and traditional embroidery techniques. You will be surprised to know that the traditional sarees of western India has evolved as a fashion statement with the passage of time. Numerous weavers, artisans and craftsman stay in this part of India and they have developed their unique art form.

Few Popular Types Of Sarees From Western India

  • Bandhani Sarees

Bandhani Sarees are not just popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan but has almost become the face of their craft. The term ‘bandhni’ means tying. The saree is made following the traditional technique of die and tie. Fingernails are used to pluck the cloth before tying them into dye resist circles. Though the most popular combination is red and black, you can choose from other colour combinations as well.

  • Leheriya Sarees

‘Leher’ means wave and the saree is made using the traditional tie and dye technique. Though the wave-like patterns are a bit complex, they are quite pleasing to the eye. They are generally done on cotton and thin silk sarees. Natural dyes like alizarin and indigo are used to make the traditional leheriya sarees. They are available in various bright colours for you to choose from.

Designer Saree

  • Patola Sarees

If you love wearing sarees with the double ikat weave, visit a reliable online retailer and buy a beautiful Patola saree. It is the pride of Gujarat and has a very intricate design. The yarn is dyed before weaving and laid with the utmost care by the craftsman. The entire design will get damaged even if just one thread is out of place. The cost of the saree is dependent on its detailing. If the detailing is more intricate and clearer, stay prepared to pay a bit more for the saree.

  • Chanderi Sarees

If you want to drape a saree like a royal, it’s time you start looking for a renowned retailer offering beautiful chanderi sarees. They are widely preferred by women from all over India because of its transparency and glossy finish. The traditional ones were woven over the black or white base. Nowadays, chanderi sarees are available in a wide variety of colours and combinations with geometric prints, floral art and peacock motifs.

  • Maheshwari Sarees

Maheshwar is a small town in Madhya Pradesh from where the weaving technique flourished. These sarees are a visual representation of the numerous grand palaces, forts and temples scattered all over Madhya Pradesh. The motifs are inspired by those. The lightweight and glossy finish of the beautiful weaves has made them quite popular.

Since you are now aware of the common types of traditional sarees in West India, it’s time you buy one and drape it properly.