You love to put on fashionable outfit during festival and are more akin to wear oxidized jewelry designed in trendy fashion. What happens in most cases that your total getup becomes a complete mess if you are not capable to pick the right coordination of jewelry with the outfit that you have planned to put on.

You must keep in mind that jewelry is the staple of the entire ensemble. Therefore, it is necessary for you to stay informed about the choice of accessory when you are going to present yourself as a person with complete consciousness for fashion.

  • Mind your occasion:

    Dressing for office would vary highly with the fashion ornate considered for a festival. A proper contemplation is required to make about the kind of festival you are going to attend and what should be the appropriate color of jewelry worn with the befit dress for the occasion.

  • Highlight your face with statement earrings:

    In Deepawali parties, you are going to wear gorgeous dresses that speak trend. While the dress game is on point, grabbing a pair of statement earrings will help you enjoy the best attention. The color of these earrings must be flashy and glittering. Glimmering color only will be able to highlight the face. One more thing is required to keep in mind. The choice of earrings must be made in respect of the shape of face. For instance, drop earrings that don’t taper at the bottom will go well with heart-shaped faces.

  • Make coordination with the tone of your skin:

    While putting an outfit, it is necessary to make strict consideration with the tone of your skin. Choosing an outfit that goes properly with outfit help to increase the appearance of a person. In the same way, artificial jewelry is also needed to opt from a range that will be helpful in highlighting the skin tone. A cooler skin tone goes perfect with gems having colors like red, purple and blue. White gold works nicely with cool skin tones. On the contrary, warm skin tones can team up nicely with yellow, orange and green gemstones. Besides, yellow metals also work well with warm skin tones.

  • Bright colored attires are best accessorized with ornaments carrying neutral colors:

    When the color of your outfit is one of the bright varieties, like yellow or red, the color of jewelry should be a neutral one in order to bring out the eccentricity. Colors like white, black, tan and brown go well with almost any other tint. Gold and silver jewelries are sure to bring about flamboyance in presentation.

  • Solid color goes well with patterned outfits:

    Avoid using patterned designs in the oxidized jewelry when the attire has some sort of patterns in it. In such cases, try to wear an ornament that has solid-color outlines. The presence of floral pattern in dress is perfectly balanced with stud earrings that can again be paired with black or leather flats to complete the look.