Love ethnic wear? Well, the enchanting ikkat saree which gets a special mention in traditional handloom is a must-have then. Ikkat or ikat is an intricate dying process which is done with cotton or silk fabrics. Whether you love vintage or high-end fashion, ikkat sarees are beautiful handloom, ideal for every Indian woman.

Here’s All You Need To Know About Ikkat Sarees

Wearing An Ikat Saree

Over the years, Odisha sarees have appealed to the tastes of celebrities and world leaders. Lower price range ikat saris double up as every day wear for middle-class housewives. On the other hand, premium saris have a special place during festivals, weddings, and public functions. This makes Odisha’s Ikat saree ideal ethnic wear for all occasions.

Wide Varieties To Choose From

Mainly, there are three varieties of Odisha Ikkat. These varieties are-

  • Single ikat – a process in which weft are dyed or the warp yarns
  • The second procedure of combined ikkat which has both warp yarns. Here, the warp is used together in various parts of the fabric.
  • Double ikkat which involves both weft threads and warp yarns tied precisely. This way, when the threads from both the axis mesh with each other, they show up a completed pattern.

Designer Saree

Global Appeal

The elegant ikkat saree is loved by one and all. Renowned fashion designers from all over the world have taken inspiration from the designs of Odisha Ikat. Over the years, they have successfully used the same in their works. Besides India, Indonesia and Japan are key producers of ikkat saris.

The Making

In Odisha, a process known as ‘resist dying’ is used for sambalpuri ikat. The core fabric materials used in Odisha ikkat are cotton and silk. Tools needed for carrying out the dying process are- scissors, pick, rubber bands, dye vats or other material to resist dye.

The dying process starts with the weft or warp threads being bundled and bound with colour resistant rubber bands. The bundles are then tied to a wooden frame and put into the dye vat. So, they are given dye treatments repeatedly for generating bands of pattern. After the dying process completes, the intricate procedure of weaving the threads into a beautiful portion of fabric begins.

Whether you are a college student, a working professional or a housewife, Ikkat sarees are ideal for every woman. So what are you still pondering over? Quickly approach a reputed sari retailer and bring home the best ikkat sarees!