Persons, who have not either born or reared up in a Bengali Family, may find it hard to distinguish naïve Handloom saris. It is difficult for them to say that a given piece is either belongs to Garad or Korial. Identifying and distinguishing a jamdani from muslin might also prove difficult. Conduction of brief studies about their features may prove helpful in this regard.

Tant Saree:

These saris have distinguished with light and airy texture. Normally, these saris are used as everyday wear. Use of cotton fabrics has made them extremely comfortable especially in summers. The pieces are characterized by thick border, decorative pallu and plain body. Various artistic motifs are woven on the saris that help in bringing up difference in color patterns.


Jamdani saris are alternatively called as ‘Dhakai Jamdani” or simply Dhakai. The finely woven fabrics in these saris have made them extremely light in weight. These pieces are not available to every Saree retailer in Kolkata. The original or ancient pattern was made with cotton, but fabric used in the current weave is a mix of cotton and silk that brings up glossier finish. The impeccable look has been imparted with intricately designed motifs appeared to float on the surface.


These saris are exclusive products of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The pieces are top quality Silk Sarees adored for the supremely intricate designing. The use of sheer ultra-fine fabrics has brought about glossy appearance. Capacity to weave these saris is considered as an explicit skill. These saris are probably are most expensive among the peers.


These saris are renowned for their simple white or off-white silk body that bears gorgeous appearance. These pieces are commonly available with the patent red border and pallav; other color varieties are also available.


Korial is more sophisticated variety of Garad sarees. The pieces are also available in white or off-white silk body equipped with colored border and pallav. But the texture of fabric is richer and the motifs are more ornamental.


These saris are most sophisticated and gorgeous variety of silk sari pieces available in West Bengal. The charming effect has been accentuated with the exotic border and a broadened pallav. The exquisite look has been enhanced with the intricate weave that depict scenes from old epics and religious texts. Intuitive use of colors in contrast to the silk base of the saris looks brilliant. Regal appearance is brought about with weavings done in gold and silver colored threads. These pieces are most expensive silk saree variety produced in West Bengal.


Saris in this variety are adored for their natural and fading golden sheen. Normally, these products come in shades of beige, cream, honey and tawny. Post-dye, the colors look more vibrant. Tussars appear realistic with the decorative woven borders and motifs.

Murshidabad Silk sari:

Silk threads woven in the district of Murshidabad in West Bengal are of superior quality. The entire weave is enriched with input of superior yarns; these saris are suitable for being used in formal and casual wear. The innovative designs have just enhanced the attraction.

Kantha stitched saris:

Almost all Top Handloom Saree Retailers in Gariahat feel proud about having stock of these saris. Kantha is a specially recognized embroidery style that has evolved in the Bolpur-Santiniketan region of the Birbhum district in West Bengal. Running stitch is the natural feature of Kantha stitch; this is done by hand with colored threads. Weaving in such manner has been helpful in forming elaborate and intricate patterns, and the motifs used help to bring in exquisite beauties.