Well, being a true, avid and passionate lover of this eternal six yards, you might be having a wide and alluring collection of different types of sarees in your closet. And surely you have the experience of draping these sarees. But you can hardly deny the aura, splendor and comfort that handloom fabric offers. To be precise, the feeling is simply incomparable. Dressed in sheer classiness and elegance, you can gracefully carry these hand-made, hand-stitched creations in your daily chores while looking stunning at any occasion. And this is nothing but the magic of these amazing skilled creations.

Handloom Sarees And Economy

Handloom sarees are becoming hugely popular in India owing to its beauty, poise, comfort of wearing and last but not the least, cost effectiveness. Handloom industry is one of the largest non-agricultural sources of rural employment that plays a significant role in improving the economy of the country. The best thing about handloom is the immense and noteworthy contribution from the poor and laid back class of India. Handloom industry gives them a great opportunity to come out with their outstanding talent and expertise in the public eye and in turn, get reasonably remunerated. Handloom industry appreciates the fine craftsmanship of these amazing yet underprivileged artisans in a rewarding way while taking a step forward to move away poverty from the country. Handloom is the most eminent part of this household-based small to medium scale industry. And what makes it different from others is almost every adult family member has their contribution toward enhancement of the family-oriented business. There are only a few Handloom Saree Retailers that directly deal with such families without letting any intermediary to go between. And this ensures that the families get the best price for their work without allowing others taking away their hard-earned income, unethically.

Handloom Sarees And You

If you ask why you should emphasis on wearing handloom sarees, then you’ve already got a part of the answer to your question. By buying and thus wearing handloom sarees, you are basically helping those poor artisan families in an honoured way and improving rural as well as national economy. But what about you? Well, don’t be upset. You come first.

Let’s Have a Look At The Reasons You Should Adore Handloom Sarees Bought From a Reputed Handloom Saree Shop.

  • Every Piece Is Exclusive

Since the weavers design and create every single saree in a unique and exquisite way, every six yard must come out to be something different from the other. Be it fabric, texture or colour – handloom sarees are distinct and appreciable in all respect.

  • No Artificial Harmful Dye Is Used

Unlike machine loom sarees, handloom sarees are devoid of any harmful chemical dye that can otherwise cause harm if comes in contact with skin. Choose any handloom drapes that will be vibrant for your look and perfect for your skin.

  • They Are The Carrier Of Indian Culture

Indian handloom industry is there to uplift the artistry of the proficient craftsmen. Handloom sarees reflect the vastness of our rich and diversified culture. Every state of our country has a different style of artwork to boast and thus does the weavers. While an artisan from Madhya Pradesh is skilled in weaving Chanderi, one from south India is expert in Kanchipuram. With inimitable and distinctive needlework, painting and weaving pattern, every piece is bound to be distinct.

So what are you waiting for? Visit nearest Handloom Saree Showroom and grab any that you like the most. Handloom sarees never go outdated. So even if you spend a few bucks more, it will be worthwhile.