Tussar silk yarns are known for their rich texture and exclusive outlook with which females feel entirely distinguished and special. As these yarns are collected from a number of wild silkworms, the fabric is most popularly known as forest silk. These saris are draped proudly in almost all family occasions including wedding due to the regality of look.

These types of saris make comfortable attire during summers. The fabric has enough pores that allow enough passage of air. The dull gold color offered by the Tussar silk saris has made the cloth great options for Indian weddings. Like Katan silk benarasis, these saris carry nature-inspired motifs.

The fact that Tussar slik worms are not fed by mulberry leaves has made it possible for being sold at lesser prices. This factor is also a crucial factor for it being chosen for wedding ceremonies.

Kosa and Tussar saree retailers in Kolkata suggests teaming of Tussar silk sarees with Assamese Mekhela Chadar for the ethnicity that creates huge impact in occasions like wedding. These saris look elegant; besides these are vibrant and captivating in designs. Extra glorification is added with magnificent designs. On the other hand, Assamese Mekhela Chadar offer differentiated style and an enticing traditional look, mostly desired by an Indian bride. Perfect appearance is promoted by its pairing with high neck full sleeve blouse.

The main worth of Tussar silk is its purity and texture. These are pure as the cocoons are found in nature. Various shades are available including gold-pale, dark, honey, tawny, beige and creamy. The variety is treated as a special variety of silk, since the cocoons are raised on Arjun and Sal trees. Various colors have enriched the collection and the saris are decorated with a variety of natural motifs. Such plethora of collection has made these ideal for various auspicious occasions like wedding.