Dokra jewelry is one of the most loved and allured accessories of modern women who want to add a traditional touch to their look and appearance. Dokra is affordable and gorgeous; Dokar artworks and jewelry are available at any reputed handicraft items shop. However, it needs a bit of care to maintain the sheen of Dokra jewelry. Here are some essential tips to preserve your Dokra jewelry.

Be Diligent About Polishing

There is a common concept that the greenish dark brown patina on the metal gives Dokra a special look. And thus many want to keep this intact. While applying polish on the metal, it can lead to excessive abrasion and as a result it may remove the original surface. And here are some essential tips to avoid such a mishap.

  • Dust The Jewelry Carefully

If you want to maintain the luster of the Dokra jewelry, you must dust it on a regular basis with a soft dry cotton cloth. You can also use soft-bristled brush that makes it convenient to clean the fine surface. It helps keeping the antique look of Dokra with a bit of sparkle as well.

  • Remove Dull Discoloration

To remove the dull discoloration, remove dust accumulated on the jewelry. And once it is cleaned, apply a brass polish. First, you need to apply it on a piece of soft dry cloth and then rubbing it gently onto the ornaments. After applying the polish, re-clean with another soft dry cloth to retain the actual sheen of Dokra. Before you apply the polish, make sure you completely remove all the dust particles that have been accumulated on the jewelry. And then only you should apply the brass polish on the dry soft cloth and rub it smoothly all around the junk piece. Brasso can be used as a dependable brass polish as suggested by a leading handicraft items showroom. It is available on the market and almost suitable to serve your purpose. If you don’t remove the dust properly, you may cause the blunder of rubbing the polish onto the dust and thus corroding the stuffs.

  • Make An Easy Homemade Paste

Paste of sodium bicarbonate and a few drops of lemon juice goes just great on Dokra jewelry and Dokra artworks. Use this to rinse the piece of jewelry and see how it works wonderfully. Once done with the rinsing procedure, run a dry soft cloth over the piece of beautiful accessory.

  • Use Toothpaste

You can also use toothpaste to maintain the glaze of Dokra jewelry. Take a small dollop of toothpaste on a soft dry cotton cloth and rub it gently in light circular motion onto the ornament. Remove the residues after it becomes dry.

The above mentioned tips are applicable for Dokra jewelry as well as showpiece. The intensity and polishing should be kept to bare minimum. However, dusting can be done on a regular basis. This metal crafted jewelry is known for its traditional and vintage look and stunning charm. Go with it to add a new dimension to your look and personality.