Taking care of your jewellery is not rocket science. If you can take proper care of them, they will surely shine for years and vice versa. If you want them to look as great as new, follow some easy and quick tips, and ensure longer and more beautiful lifespan for them.

  • Get Them Cleaned With A Clean Soft Cloth

Be it gold, silver, junk or anything else, you must clean them after every session of wearing with a clean and soft piece of cloth to preserve its sheen. Sweat is not good for any type of ornaments. So it would be even bestter to take them off before performing any outdoor sports that result in excessive sweating.

  • Sort Out The Pieces To Choose Different Cleaning Methods

Not all jewellery sets are made of the same material. The cleaning method for pearl jewellery won’t be the same as the pieces made of gold or silver. So you need to choose different cleaning methods for different types of jewellery. Instead of keeping them jumbled, better you keep them separately. This is especially applicable to pearl ornaments. They must be kept in a different box which is not very dry or airtight. Otherwise, the shine of the pearl may get damaged.

  • Choose Drawstring Purses Or Zip Pouches For Storing

Such pouches or purses should be made of soft cloth such as cotton, velvet or chintz. They are the best to protect the kinds of stuff from any harsh external element. You can also put them in wooden boxes lined with foam. Lay the goods on cotton wool. Avoid using bags made of net, linen, jersey or georgette.

How to put your favorite jewelries under optimal care

  • Use Silver Dip Cleaner For Silver Jewellery

It is safe and effective to use silver dip cleaner for silver items to keep up with their natural gloss. However, don’t keep them in the dip for more than a couple of seconds. Make them dry after cleaning. No moisture should be there while the valuables are kept in the respective box. Also, make sure you polish silver jewellery at least once every month. The same is applicable to platinum ornaments as well.

  • Take Special Care For Gemstone Jewellery

Use a soft brush and mild shampoo or liquid soap to clean gemstone items. You should always take extra care while cleaning them so the studding remains intact.

  • Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Avoid using any chemicals like cosmetics, perfumes or hair products on charms. They can damage your favourite ornament. Also, avoid direct sunlight. Vinegar, lemon or any acidic food is not recommended for them as well.

  • Don’t Get Threaded Pearl Items Wet

Otherwise, they can lose their glow. Wipe them with a damp soft cotton cloth after they are being exposed to any perfume or cosmetics. Ask the manufacturer, if it is fine to use toothpaste or mild soap. However, never try to clean a damaged piece of jewellery as it can worsen the damage.

So, be careful about taking care of your jewellery. They must be kept away from strong chemicals and cleaned with a soft cloth. They should be stored properly as well.