As it comes to taking care of expensive designer sarees bought from a reputed Designer Saree Shop, they come in a huge variety. Sarees that people usually buy for special occasions like wedding are embellished and ornate crafted in different fine quality fabrics with detailed designs to give them special texture and appeal. Designer sarees are versatile. You can wear them for years without having their beauty lost. But to ensure proper preservation of the actual look and beauty of designer sarees, you need to take special care of them.


Here Are Some Important Notes On How To Take Care Of Expensive Designer Sarees.

  • Use no to perfume, spray or deodorants. Zari as well as other metallic finishes like Zardozi, Kundan work, Gota Patti used on saree borders, pallus and blouses are prone to chemical composure as well as oxidation. So avoid using any such chemicals while wearing or storing them. Also don’t use moth balls or naphthalene balls in direct proximity to such sarees.
  • It is not needed to wash these designer garments after every wear. This will lose its sheen. Dry clean also can’t make the thing better. Dry them well after you wear them under fan or use steam iron at the lowest heat option. Put them in the closet only after they get completely dried. Also take steps so they don’t need frequent washing. Before donning the saree, complete the round off make up, hair and grooming. But if this is not possible, cover the saree with a towel as you get prepared. Also be careful about spills and stains as much as possible. Maintain personal hygiene to keep the sarees afresh. If you sweat a lot, finding sweat stains on the saree is very much likely. So better you use disposable underarm shields or absorbing pads under expensive designer blouses as suggested by the spokesperson of a renowned Designer Saree Showroom.
  • Designer sarees are mostly ornate and embellished. They often come with an instruction to ‘dry wash only’. And you must follow this. A reputed dry cleaning service may cost you more, but it is worth as it saves your expensive sarees from potential fading, damage and fading. For fabrics like silk, georgettes, satin and blended ones, traditional home washing can be done provided you use mild liquid fabric cleaner. You can also use soap-nut, aka reetha, for home washing. But don’t use hot water as this can bleed colour.
  • Don’t squeeze or wring the sarees while drying. Heavy washable sarees must not be left hanging while dripping water. As you know, water adds weight and hanging/dripping can seriously ruin the shape. For silk sarees, just roll the sarees in an absorbent, clean cotton cloth or white towel. Now press gently from every side to remove excess water. Spread the saree flat on a neutral surface. But don’t spread it on any painted or polished surface as this may leave stain on your saree. Also don’t dry it under direct sunlight. Dry in shade. However, according to Designer Saree Retailers, it is always better to avoid washing your designer sarees on humid days as this may leave them mouldy and damp.


These are a few tips that you must follow to ensure better and longer life for your expensive designer sarees and blouses. The same is applicable for designer legenga cholis as well.