As you know one of the most important yet trickiest aspects of Indian outfits is they require careful maintenance to ensure original look and freshness. Indian women have an overwhelming treasure trove of incredible handloom sarees bought from best Handloom Saree Retailers. Most of them are intricately designed and finely woven. And these undoubtedly add to their beauty and glaze. But at the same time, they require special maintenance. In fact, maintenance of handloom sarees is the most vital and crucial aspect of ethnic, traditional fashion. And this is a really hard nut to crack, especially for both novice as well as longtime wearers.

Indian women are fashionistas. They like to be dressed in beautiful sarees. But in many cases, they don’t know how to manage the maintenance aspect.

It Is Needed To Adhere To Some Essential Guidelines About Handloom Saree

  • Know The Type Of Fabric

The first thing to consider is the type of saree. There are different types of handloom sarees popular among the Indian women. They differ in fabric and design style. Many of such sarees require special maintenance. While buying an Indian handloom saree, it is absolutely important that you find out the details of the fabric and the design on it. Dry cleaning is the essential option for delicately embroidered and embellished sarees. On the contrary, many sarees can be washed at home and such sarees may include chiffon, silk, cotton and georgette as suggested by a leading Handloom Saree Shop.

  • Be Sure Of The Purity

Though it is needed to understand the difference between pure, faux and mixed fabrics, handloom sarees are mostly made of pure fabrics. And pure fabrics always require meticulous care unlike faux fabrics. Pure fabrics especially the silk sarees have to be dry-cleaned. However, handloom cotton sarees can be washed at home with mild liquid detergents and/or shampoos. However, they are better to be hand-washed instead of being machine-washed. As it comes to pure silk sarees, most buyers are unaware of its maintenance. They actually buy such sarees without knowing the maintenance guidelines. To maintain the innate glaze, beauty, glory and freshness, you must know how to wash, iron, store and take care of them. They must be protected from extreme temperature and direct sunlight. Nevertheless, the maintenance of cotton sarees is not that strict. But the temperature and sunlight quotients must be ensured.

  • Know How To Wash At Home

If you are not sure of how to wash your favourite silk sarees at home, let me tell you. For the first 2 – 3 washes, use nothing but plain water to thoroughly wash different parts like body, pallu and borders. And then you can use a mild shampoo or mild liquid fabric cleaner to wash them. The same is applicable to pure handloom cotton sarees. But don’t use warm water or dry under direct sunlight as these can fade the colour of sarees and reduce their beauty. Don’t keep them in dump bundles after they get washed. You can use medium stream iron to eliminate the creases.

There are many time and effort saving maintenance products available in the market to keep sarees bought from reputed Handloom Saree Showroom looking fresh and new, over years. Products like protein shampoos, soap nuts, chemical-free liquid fabric cleaners and moth balls are really worth in terms of saree maintenance.