Designer saress are undoubtedly the cynosure of any occasion and party. Though too much embroidery, design or the heaviness makes you a bit over-conscious to wear them on, they are the ultimate resort to fulfill your special moments. However, according to Designer Saree Retailers, taking care of these sarees is a bit tricky yet not difficult. All you require to create a checklist, follow it and you are perfectly done.

As it comes to royalty or wedding, the first thing comes to mind is of course a silk saree. There is hardly any better option to replace the elegance of designer silk sarees. They go perfectly alright with the tone, texture and complexion of Indian women. Apart from wedding, they are also ideal for any dinner dos, formal party, kitty party and social gatherings. In fact, silk sarees are the epitome of gorgeousness in women. And that is why Indian divas love to wear silk sarees to cover their tender beauty. Along with the fabric, there are some more to take care of and those are lace work, stone work, embroidery and sequins. You need to preserve all these things to make the sarees more exquisite. To preserve your precious purchase, here are some quick and easy tips to follow and ensure a youthful life for them throughout.

Washing Tips

Silk sarees are delicate; they need to be handled properly and diligently. Don’t use warm water to wash them. Also avoid any harsh soap and detergent. Use mild detergent in proper dilution to wash them though dry clean will be the safer bet. It would be even better to use moisture or protein shampoo to preserve its natural sheen. Avoid twisting and wringing the washed saree to ensure they don’t develop premature wrinkles. After getting washed, dry them by hanging under a shaded place. Or else, it may lose its natural lustre. Never fold them tightly. Keep them separately in your wardrobe. This is advised by the owner of a leading Designer Saree Shop.

Storing Tips

Every saree has their own set of caring procedures owing to their special features and specialty of yarns. Wrap the sarees in between cotton clothes or sarees as they are kept in any leading Designer Saree Showroom. You can also keep them in soft cloth bag to preserve their longevity. The key thing that makes silk sarees special is their colour coordination followed by smooth texture and sheen. colour fading is one of the main concerns regarding silk sarees as it can badly affect the look and appearance of the staple. And thus, it is highly recommended to keep them out of direct sunlight or any strong light. While storing them, hand them over a hanger on a free space. You can also fold them in a separate section in your wardrobe to avoid unwanted creases as well as wrinkles. Don’t use any lash or brush on them as it can tear the zari. Change the folding positions occasionally. Use cloves or naphthalene balls inside the folds to keep them fresh while keeping the insects away. For sarees with zari work, use ‘faal’ to ensure extended shelf life.