Bridal dresses are often one time wears. But in case of Indian women, things are not like that. They choose designer zari saree as their bridal wear in most occasions and have more chance of wearing the same on different family functions. Unlike bridal gowns that are often gifted to the bride’s daughter when she gets ready to marry, Indian brides wear their saree even later. According to the owner of a reputed Designer Saree Showroom, it is highly needed to apply some safe-keep techniques for bridal sarees.

Some Of The Most Useful Ways To Maintain The Sarees Are As Follows:

  • Dry Clean The Saree

Bridal sarees must be dry cleaned after the wedding day. It is very likely for these sarees to look good and as-it-is after the wedding day. Only a few hours of wearing doesn’t cause any harm to the look, feel and quality of the saree. But while you take it out from the cupboard after a couple of years, you will surely find dirty stains running all over the saree, especially at the fold areas. This is even more prominent with sarees with vibrant colours. Oftentimes, the sarees are stained with kumkum, sindur and turmeric that are used during the rituals of marriage. These easily get mixed with the colours of the saree. So it would be good to give it for a dry clean right after the wedding day even if it seems to be spotless.

  • Keep The Saree Wrapped In White Soft Cloth

As you get the saree back from the laundry, just press it mildly with warm iron and wrap it up with white soft cloth (preferably muslin or cotton) or white paper sheets that won’t stick or tear over time. Wrapping the saree with such cloth or paper ensures in a way so that the folds won’t be touched or rubbed. It also preserves the embellishments and embroidery on the either side of the saree while being wrapped. This step is highly recommended by leading Designer Saree Retailers.

  • Pack In Folded Zippers

Once the saree is being folded, pack it in a spacious and transparent zipper bag. Such bags are available at different cloth stores, Designer Saree Shop and convenience stores. If you won’t find one, you can use packing zippers available for keeping bridal dresses. Such packs are spacious and wide. This helps a lot to maintain the quality of the saree while letting you know the condition of the cloth inside.

  • Sun Drying Is Needed On A Regular Basis

At a regular interval of 6 months, unpack the saree and dry it under the sun for an hour. And then repack it in the same previous way carefully. This helps keeping the saree bacteria-free and clean.

  • Use A Mild Good Quality Scent Instead Of Naphthalene Balls In The Zipper

Use a mild perfume or deodorant for the saree. But avoid direct use of naphthalene balls. However, you can use them in the closet instead of the zipper pack.

These are a few saree preservation tips that you can use for preserving your designer expensive bridal saree to ensure that it remains the same for years. In fact, if you can follow these steps strictly, your saree can last in the same condition for even generations.