Every Indian woman will agree to the fact that our traditional sarees are simply an epitome of beauty. Though western attires have started dominating the market, the grace, beauty and culture reflected by a beautiful handloom saree can never be denied. Whether you have a love for the Ikkat, Patola, Kanchipuram, Tussar, Banarasi, Kalamkaris or South Indian Silk sarees, each of them has their unique touch of beauty.

If you have not yet bought one because you think that maintaining them is a daunting task, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Visit any handloom saree shop and they will offer you a few expert tips to take care of the attire and prevent any sort of damages.

Here Are Few Tips To Take Care of Your Favorite Handloom Saree

  • Washing

Soaking the saree in salt water for a few hours before washing will prevent discolouration. Rinse it with cold water before washing them with a reputed detergent brand. Avoid using any sort of harsh stain remover or harmful bleach if you are washing some delicate fiber. Wash off the soap from your garment quickly and don’t wash them in a bundle as the fabric might crease.

  • Stain Removal

Any sort of accidental spillage on the saree you have just bought from a Handloom Saree Showroom needs immediate attention. The best way to remove a particular stain is dependent on its type. If it is an oily stain, use talcum powder to soak the excess oil and wash it off gently. Gravy or beverages stains can be removed by wiping it with a cotton ball dipped in pure petrol.

  • Drying

It takes patience and time to dry a handloom saree the right way. The fabric can discolour if you dry it under direct sunlight. You can avoid any permanent crease by not wiring the attire to squeeze out excess water. Press a light coloured towel gently on it as it acts as an absorbent and spread it over some neutral surface for drying.

  • Iron

Though sarees should be ironed in low or medium heat, you can even have a talk with the handloom saree retailer you have approached about the best method to iron the attire. Avoid spraying water before ironing as the fabric can develop permanent marks. Creases can be avoided by placing a cotton cloth between the handloom saree and the ironing board.

Since you are now aware of a few tips to take care of your handloom saree, it’s time you approach a reliable retailer and buy beautiful attire.