Saree is the most gorgeous and beautiful outfit that the Indian women just love to drape. Irrespective of personality, complexion and height, saree suits all women from any age group. Whether it is a dinner do, formal party, kitty party or a grand wedding night, silk sarees, especially designer sarees are the true epitome of elegance and grace. Designer sarees look magnificent with sequins, lace works, embroidery, zari work and stone work done on it. In most cases, such sarees are expensive too! But, how to maintain your designer saree at home! Since they are expensive, you might not afford to get another one. This is utmost important to maintain the saree properly to upkeep its look and texture for years. Though the sarees are expensive, it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to maintain them. All you need to have patience and intelligence to keep the sarees look evergreen year after year as the Designer Saree Retailers ensure.

And Here Are Some Tips That Would Help You Maintain Your Sarees Even For A Lifetime.

  • Use normal water to wash them. Avoid use of any soap at least for the initial three washes. Later on, you can use protein shampoo to wash them and to preserve its original look. You can also use soap nuts for the same. However, if there is any stains of coffee, tea or gravy, wash the stained area with petrol and soft brush. Wash the pallu, border and the body separately.
  • While washing or rinsing the sarees, never wring or twist as this could make the sarees lose out on the sheen while giving a permanent wrinkled look. And this is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to your favourite designer silk sarees bought from a reputed Designer Saree Shop. Roll it in a clean towel or cotton cloth for better absorption. It will also reduce the chance of any sort of wringing or twisting. Don’t dry the saree under direct sunlight to avoid UV damage.
  • Don’t keep designer silk sarees with other sarees made of different fabrics like polycot, cotton or georgette. Wrap it in a pure cotton or muslin cloth and store separately in order to maintain its longevity.
  • Discolouration is a big issue with designer sarees. This can just burn a hole in your heart. Store the saree in a dark place to avoid discolouration.
  • Use hangers to avoid irritating creases. While kept in hanging position, the sarees will go a long way giving it a wrinkle-free look. Avoid using lash or brush as it may tear the fabric.
  • As it comes to dry cleaning, several chemicals and solutions are used in the laundry. And there is only one chemical namely petrol that removes stains without causing any damage to the sarees. Why don’t you use it at home? Petrol is perfect to say goodbye to hard and dark stains.
  • To remove nail paint, use a nail polish remover. This is nothing but acetone which is versatile to knock off nail paints from the silk sarees.
  • For stains caused by blood, sweat, food items like tea, coffee, gravy, milk, chocolates, ice cream or juice, use a mild liquid detergent. According to a leading Designer Saree Showroom, use of protein stain remover or liquid soap can serve the same purpose.
  • If your saree is stained with butter, ghee, or oil, you can easily rub it off with talcum power. Just sprinkle the powder on the stain and rub. Then wash it with mild detergent.

These are a few of many ways to maintain the sheen and appearance of designer silk sarees at home.