If you are reading this blog, probably you are on the verge of buying a black saree or perhaps you already own one. Are you looking for a better blouse design to try it with? Whatever the reason is, every saree lover, at some point, wears a black saree.

Black tops the list among the list of classic hues and everybody looks good in it when paired with the best kind of blouse.

Are you looking for the best designer blouse shop in Kolkata? These days, all the top boutiques are having a vast range of solid colored blouses. Besides the designs of a blouse, you should also focus on the fabric type of it. Keep in mind that choosing a blouse often depends on your pallu design.

Gone are the days of matching your blouse color with that of your saree color. New-gen saree lovers are into color contrasting which makes the whole look more interesting. Here’s your guide to buying the best complimenting blouse for your black saree. Thank us later!

Black Saree With Golden Blouse:

Whenever we think of grandeur and richness, the color gold flashes through our mind, isn’t it? Having a golden blouse not only serves as a great match with your black saree, it can literally be paired with any solid colored saree.

Black Saree With Designer Blouse:

Do you know what the current trend of playing with ethnic fashion is? Draping a plain saree with an interesting designer blouse quite plays the game. The question lies in choosing the right kind of embellishment to make the entire look stand out.

For example, play it minimal yet elegant. Go for a multicolored blouse for a chic look. Pick one of each from different necklines such as the high neck, boat neck, halter neck and much more.

Black Saree And Brocade Blouse

Are you a saree lover? It goes without saying that you have a great collection of silk sarees. In such a case, you might already have tons of colorful brocade blouses.

In case, if you don’t have it yet, it’s high time you buy a few from the boutiques of a readymade blouse in Kolkata.

Here’s your cue to mix and match different styles and play with blouse colors. Simply put, this is an era of color contrast. A simple saree can be spiced up with the right pop of color in the blouse. There are lots of hues to experiment with. Do you want to play safe? Consider colors like yellow, mustard, cherry red, poppy pink, etc. Pick your favorite style from Mrignayani Kolkata.