After purchasing set of oxidized jewelries from our outlet in Kolkata, you must be worried to keep these look at their best throughout the times to come. We know you like to purchase costume jewelries from us. Therefore, it becomes obligatory that we help you to know the best ways to preserve these ornaments as long as possible. Yes, these are no doubt affordable and do not tax you a lot while purchasing. They can’t be made sturdier too. So, we would expect you to follow the following humble guidelines to protect the oxidized jewelries while preserving the trendier appearance.


  1. Regular Cleaning:

    Each piece of the artificial jewelries is required to fy;”>in clean and tidy condition. Therefore, it is advised that these pieces are cleaned after every wear. Since, these jewelries are sensitive to water, these are required to be brushed and then cleaned by using appropriate cleaner. Regular maintenance will help to keep look afresh.

  2. Keep away from Chemicals, oil and water:

    No oxidized jewelry can ever be ejustify;”>any lotion, perfume, oil, water or any harsh chemical. Therefore the ornaments need to put on after all the other make ups are over.

  3. Occasional use:

    These types of jewelries are not meant to use on a ign: justify;”>Putting under daily use is feared to bring about discoloration effect. Therefore, we would suggest that these should be worn on specified occasions only.

  4. Use pouch for storage:

    Do not put the oxidized or any other cosxt-align: justify;”>drawer filled with accessories. Keeping costume jewelries in drawer will make them tarnished and ultimately damage the whole thing. Experts suggest that these oxidized jewelry ornaments are kept in small pouches or jewelry boxes.

  5. Use it as make up only:

    As we have advised that these jewee=”text-align: justify;”>occasion only, it is also noteworthy to mention that these jewelries have detrimental effect on skin. Regular wear of these jewelries, if worn during naps, may result in the discoloring of the skin. Thus, it is advised that these jewelries should never be worn while sleeping.

  6. Careful Handling:

    The jewelries are needed to keep aw style=”text-align: justify;”>pouches and airtight jewelry boxes are suggested for storing. These ornaments should never be folded because folding may lead to breaking from joints. These pieces are extremely delicate and needed to be handled with optimum care.