Who doesn’t love wearing saree? It is every Indian women’s dream to look flawless draped in their favorite saree. The hair, the saree, the heels; perfection. But sometimes, we don’t know what looks good on us. Every one of us has a different figure, different styles, different hair, etc.

One of the main things to consider before buying a saree is our figure. Some of us are slim, some of us are guilty of having a little more curves than others. This blog is dedicated to all the women out there who are in love with their curves. We have it and we know it. Here are few tips to rock saree:

The Right Colour

We are starting off the list with one of the most important factors- color. Some colors make us look light while some makes us look heavy. Avoid white and light colors in general, they tend to make us look fatter. Go for deep, darker colors. Black is our universal favorite, be it in Jamdani or Kanjeevaram. Red can make us look like a goddess. Forest green and ink blue are in fashion right now.

The Right Fabric

Fabric is another very important factor. The rule is to go for lightweight fabric like silk and chiffon. They won’t add extra weight to your figure. Another benefit of wearing light fabric is that it nicely wraps in our body. Materials like chiffon and soft net will give you a flowy effect. Heavy material will give an undesirable solid and broad look.

The Right Accessories

A clever way of take the attention away from the curves is by wearing statement jewelleries. A statement necklace around the neck, few tribal bangles to catch everyone’s attention or a pair of oxidised earring; all are good choices. One can find an amazing collection of oxidised jewellery in Kolkata in many reputed stores.

The Right Way To Drape

The way you drape your saree also changes the way you look. Neatly draped saree will make you look thinner than bulky, untidy drapes. Avoid pleating the pallu, leave it open. Try distributing the pleats in a distance from each other.

The Right Border

One last thing to look out for is the thickness of the border. Women with curves should go for small and thin border; it gives the illusion of a slender body. At any cost, don’t buy saree with broad, chunky border. It will only add to the weight. Many boutiques having designer saree in Kolkata have sarees with thin yet elegant borders. Check out their collection.

When worn properly, a saree will make you the show stopper. But if worn without care, it can also turn into a disaster. Therefore, remember these points when planning for the next occasion. Look great, look gorgeous.