Saree is something loved by Indian women of all ages and sizes. Nevertheless, there are some women who though crave for wearing this alluring attire, don’t simply opt for this. But what is the reason? Well, they do this owing to their bulky figure as revealed by a leading Designer Saree Shop. Besides, the busy, hectic lifestyle has also taken its toll on them and that often results in reduced beauty. Do you belong to this group? Do you carry some extra weight than you actually should? Do you look fat in sarees? Have no worry.

There Are Many Ways Following Which You Can Surely Look Great In Sarees While Looking Sleek Too!

  • Select The Right Fabrics

Well, the fabric you choose has a lot to do on how you look. If you go for the right fabric, you can really look amazing while hiding the extra pounds. What you actually need to do is choose light weight fabrics such as crepe, georgette and chiffon that closely stick to your body in a graceful manner making you look slender.

  • Choose Lighter Prints

If you want to look slim in sarees, try to pick up lighter prints including sleek kind of embroidery. And if this is about prints only, choose smaller ones. Also, avoid big floral prints. The big and bold prints often make you look plump. Better you go for small floral prints as well as abstract prints. Digital prints can also go well to conceal the problem areas of your body. Being bulky, you might not be able to look perfect in heavy materials. And as it comes to embroidery sarees, choose small motifs as suggested by reputed Designer Saree Retailers. Try to avoid any huge chunks of embroidery.

  • Choose Sleek Borders

Usually fashion-conscious women don’t wear sarees with big borders. Fat and short women wearing sarees with broad borders look even fatter and shorter. So keep this in mind, if you are short and plump. Choose narrow borders to enhance a sleek saree look. Big borders are never meant for short and fat women.

  • Pick Up Dark Colours

Everyone looks slimmer in black sarees. Colours have a huge effect on how you will look. So choose the right colour for your sarees so you look slim. Choose darker shades like black, purple and chocolate, and you can surely experience the difference.

  • Drape The Saree Well

Draping is undoubtedly the most important part of wearing a saree. If you can drape it properly, you will look really slimmer. Avoid tugging in the entire drapes only at one place unless you want to showcase your bulged out tummy. Choose for fewer pleats and uncomplicated drapes. Loose and untidy pleats often add volume to your look and appearance. On the other hand, a properly pinned and draped six-yard wonder with fewer pleats at your waist is an effective way to look sassy and slim. According to a leading Designer Saree Showroom, they have female salespersons to help their women customers to learn proper saree draping.

These are a few things to keep in mind while wearing a saree. Also find some reasons to fall in love with designer sarees at