Saree is undoubtedly the most quintessential ethnic Indian wear that the Indian women can carry with great panache. Every woman, irrespective of shape and size, looks grand in this beautiful attire provided she selects the right saree and drapes it properly.

Here Are Some Essential Tips Provided By Reputed Handloom Saree Retailers To Complement Your Body With The Perfectly Chosen Saree.

  • Apple-Shaped Body

If you are quite heavy around the belly and bust, opt for beautifully embroidered sarees to complement your figure. You should wear longer blouse to cover broad waist. Silk is the most suitable fabric that to be chosen for yourself. But don’t wear net fabric. Drape the saree in simple way or in ulta pallu style. Wear blouses whose colours perfectly contrast with the sarees to create a dramatic look.

  • Pear-Shaped Body

If you are pear-shaped with heavier bottom compared to the upper part of your body, choose fabrics such as georgette and chiffon to balance out both upper and lower parts. Avoid mermaid cuts that grab needless attention to the lower part of your body. Drape yourself in seedha pallu style to make the body look proportionate. Choose bright and bold coloured sarees with small prints, nice borders and embroidery works.

  • Overweight Body

Say NO-NO to cotton and other stiff fabrics, if you are overweight. Such fabrics will make you even bigger and broader. Better you choose silk and chiffon sarees from a reputed Handloom Saree Shop to give your body a balanced shape. This will also draw attention away from the problem areas. Choose dark colours as this will make you look a bit slimmer. You can opt for handloom sarees as well. Be careful about the way you drape the saree. Wear long, full-sleeve blouses to hide extra flab.

  • Voluptuous Body

If your body is voluptuous, choose chiffon, georgette and net fabrics to snugly wrap the body while highlighting the curves. Being voluptuous, you should choose dark colours. Never wear a heavy saree. But you can always opt for light beadwork and delicate embroidery that are not so stiff. Your chosen saree must have a good fall to make you look slim. You can wear blouses with criss-cross strings holding it together. Besides, it will work greatly to enhance the oomph factor of your body.

  • Slim Body

Well, if you are blessed with a slim body, choose anything like silk, cotton or organza to give your body a fuller shape. You can opt for sarees in light colours and with heavy embroidery work. You can also opt for beadwork and brocade. As you are slim, choose bold and big prints in different colours. Your slim body is perfect to carry of sleevless, backless, tube and sleeveless blouses.

  • Short And Slim Body

If you are short yet slim, avoid big prints and heavy borders. Slim and short women must go for sarees with thin borders as these would make them look taller. It would be good to choose small to medium-sized prints.

  • Tall And Slim Body

If you have a tall and slim figure, choose heavy bordered sarees from any local, renowned Handloom Saree Showroom. Choose sarees with bold and big prints in various colours to grab attention from your envying height.

These are just a few of many ways of making a right saree selection as per the shape and size of your body.