Saree is the most common, traditional outfit of Indian women. Saree is an attire that can seriously make you looking sexy yet gorgeous in a customary way. Saree gives you the opportunity to flaunt your curves gracefully. On the other hand, saree is the best way to hide the flaws of your body shape. It goes perfect for almost all traditional events as well as family functions. The rightly chosen saree can actually manifold beauty parameters while making you look fabulous.

Let’s Have A Quick Glance At Some Important Factors That Ensure Selection Of The Right Saree According To Your Body And Mind Quotients.

Aspects Of Choosing Saree

  • Saree Fabric

The material or fabric used for making saree decides how you will look in that it. For example, if you are a simple yet dignified woman, a cotton handloom saree would go fine with you. However, if it is stiff cotton, plus-size women may avoid it.

  • Saree Prints

This would be good to avoid large prints as this may make you look gaudy, especially if you are petite in height. It can be really odd looking for you. Leafy and floral prints are always welcome. Such prints suit almost every woman, irrespective of complexion and age.

  • Saree Border

Border of the saree plays important role in saree selection. It can be either enhancing or detrimental to one’s look and appearance. Ladies with short height can choose shorter border while broad border would be good enough for the tall ladies.

  • Saree Colour

This is another essential aspect of saree selection. For overweight plus-sized women, choosing dark coloured sarees is always recommended. However, slim as well as average women can choose any colour from a Handloom Saree Shop as per their choice.

  • Saree Works

Embroidery, stone work, zari work – these are very common type of works you can see on sarees. Heavy work is best suited for slim to average women. But for plus-size women, a light work will be the perfect.

Tips To Choose The Right Saree

  • Tall women should choose a saree so they don’t look like a pillar. They can choose dark colour, broad border, large prints and/or heavy works for their saree. Being a tall woman, you may choose cotton, raw silk and pure silk sarees.
  • Short women should be judicious about saree selection. A saree should create an illusion of height. Light colour, short border, vertical prints on saree would be perfect for them. You can find such sarees at a traditional Handloom Saree Showroom. Silk, georgette, chiffon would make them look taller. Saree made from cotton mixed with other fabrics like silk, ensures a taller and slimmer look to short women.
  • Women with pale, fair complexion can choose off-white, light pink, peach, yellow etc. to look more beautiful. These colours, in fact, enhance complexion.
  • Dark coloured sarees would be more suitable for the dusky or tan women. Dark toned women should always wear less jewellery while keeping their makeup well tuned with the colour of the saree.

These are just a few things that women should take care of while selecting a saree. Salespersons of any reputed Handloom Saree Retailers can help you choose the right saree. However, ultimately it’s your choice that makes the difference.