Sarees are one of the most favourite apparels of Indian women, and no other saree exemplifies elegance and grace like those made from silk. It can be tricky to understand the intricacies of being able to care for your choicest handloom silk saree, but knowing the nitty-gritty’s can ensure that your saree looks the same way as it did when you first got it, even if it is over a decade old.


Read on to know how to maintain your favourite handloom silk saree.

Useful Tips To Maintain Your Favourite Silk Saree

Identify the Type

The first thing to do when it comes to caring for your saree is to understand its type. If it is a handloom silk saree then you can go ahead and wash it every now and then, but in case it is a saree with delicate embroideries and embellishments, you should go for dry-cleaning. Also, as far as silk sarees are concerned, they should only be washed in cold water, and the first three washes should not include any soap. The best way to ensure that the saree stays beautiful regardless of age is to wash it with a protein shampoo.

Dealing with Stains

It can indeed be difficult to always be careful enough to ensure that your silk saree does not get stained. In fact, it is rather easy to mistakenly spill coffee or gravy onto your saree, leaving a stain. However, it is of utmost importance that you immediately apply cold water on the stain, and if that does not work, rub the stained spot with a brush and petrol.

Storing Your Saree

The next thing to know about is how to store your favourite handloom silk saree. It would be best if you do not keep your silk saree with those made from other materials like cotton and georgette. The best way to go is to wrap it in a pure cotton or muslin cloth and keep them separately, as this, in turn, will enhance their longevity. Store it in a dark place to make sure that the colour does not fade away over time. Every now and then, unfold the saree and keep it that way for a while, before folding it in a different way.

Ironing the Saree

Another key factor to consider is to know how to iron your silk saree. Never use too much temperature, instead, do it under low heat, and make sure that there is a cotton cloth covering the saree when you iron it. The best way to go is to use a steam iron as that will get the job done without doing any harm to your prized silk saree.
As you can see, while it can be a tall task to ensure that your favourite handloom silk saree is in pristine condition during its tenure, doing the right things will go a long way in making sure of that.