Sarees have always been a symbol of elegance in Indian culture. Handlooms highlight the authentic artistry and craftsmanship of the Indian garment industry. Handloom sarees from pure cotton to ethnic Ikkat add a beautiful glow and elegance to the beauty of the person wearing the same. With handlooms, you can do an ample number of experiments. Handloom saree retailers in Kolkata also offer semi stitched forms of sarees that you can flaunt on every occasion.

Different handloom sarees to flaunt proudly

Tant sarees

Tant is the pride of Bengal. When it comes to handloom sarees, there’s no way you can miss out on these soft and elegant ranges of sarees specially woven with love and care. The vibrant colours and the soft texture of Tant will instantly make you fall in love with these pieces. These are advanced versions of cotton sarees and are perfect outfits for a summer afternoon. Tant is an inseparable part of Indian handloom heritage.

Ikkat cotton sarees

If you’re a fashionista, Ikkat is the best choice. It’s a marvellous combination of style and comfort. The vibrant tie-dye patterns used on Ikkat cotton sarees will definitely blow your mind making it difficult to choose from many sarees at the store. Ikkat sarees are available in cotton as well as silk backgrounds. Use them for professional and social occasions without having a second thought.

Muslin sarees

Muslin sarees highlight the traditional weaving craftsmanship of Bangladesh. The sleek and stylish finish of muslin sarees makes the wearer feel royal. You will experience traces of rich nawabi culture from the moment you drape a muslin around your body. These sarees are delicately woven and are expensive. Hence, muslin is not suitable for daily wear. If you’ve one in your closet, save it for the best occasion. Wear the same and make heads turn for sure.

Cotton sarees

Cotton handloom sarees are the best choice to beat the summer heat. The material is perfect for summers as it absorbs the heat and keeps the body dry and cool. Cotton handloom sarees have a range of designs that you can easily wrap around anytime without wasting much time. They are thus the perfect choice for first-time wearers. Cotton handlooms are breathable and have zero chances of dropping down. Unquestionably, they are one of the perfect choices.

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