Every woman strives to look and appear their best when dressing up for the wedding ceremony. The occasion is full of splendor, and you have to keep up with the dressing standards. However, this can be comforting as well as distressing. The long hour of shopping and internet browsing is a hectic task for many. Hence opting for the wedding saree is the best way out.

While there are endless choices of wedding sarees to wear, you can put on a traditional drape and make a beautiful style statement at any wedding event. The six yards resemble and emanate equal liking for the young and old alike.

Five Types Of Saree That You Can Wear In A Wedding

The Lehenga Saree

These sarees have an appealing designer element about them. They emanate a graceful look by providing the flare of a Lehenga along with the pallu of the saree. You can comfortably wear it during the wedding season to any occasion, be it any time of the day. You need not worry about carrying and managing the plates. This lets you move around with ease and flexibility.

The Ruffle Saree

You can pep up your wedding attire and bring some wardrobe drama to the event by choosing to wear the ruffle saree. They are made with floral and flouncy details. There are tiers, frills and edges which look like a refreshing breather from the traditional sarees. They also have a glamorous and zestful vibe, making it one of the most popular contemporary sarees to pick and wear.

Wear it with a contrasting shimmery blouse to create a beautiful overall outlook. When matched with perfect jewellery, it proves how fashionable you are.

The Plain Saree

Look for something beyond the shimmers and metallic? Opt to wear the traditional, normal sarees to wear to the wedding event. They create an easy impact on all. When you pair them with statement blouses, you will create an eye-catching fashion trend.

Despite the number of modern contemporary designer sarees available in the market today, they can never replace the beauty of the plain and traditional drapes. Yes, the pressure to stay on trend is always active. However, if you are searching for the comfort factor, these sarees make an ideal solution. Being simple yet flauntingly captivating, you can wear it to any occasion or event without any worry.

Wedding Saree

The Silk Sarees For Wedding

These sarees will never go out of style. Having been in trend for a long time now, you can wear a silk saree anywhere despite the occasion. Ideally suited for wedding ceremonies, silk sarees look sophisticated as well as fashionable.

There are different variants of silk available in the market today. Hence you will never run out of options.

  • The Kanchipuram silk saree

They have heavy and bold ornate weaves and are ideal for wearing them at wedding events.

  • Assam silk saree

They are delicate but lightweight. Traditional Assam silk sarees are entirely hand-woven by artisans.

  • Art silk saree

Also called artificial silk, the artisans manufacture them out of synthetic silk fibers like Rayon. They are popular in the market as they are incredibly comfortable to wear.

  • Benarasi silk saree

They have an exquisite classiness and richness in design, style and texture. They have intricate goldwork, brocade or zari work too. These have other four varieties – Shttir, Katan, Organza and Georgette.

  • Baluchuri silk saree

The style of weaving is exceptionally intricate. You wear them with a pallu which comes with paisley motifs and a square design. The artisans use the cacoon of the silkworm to make this saree.

  • Bomkai silk saree

This is another popular variety of silk saree which has enchanting designer elements. They have contrasting colors and shades, which accelerate their affluence.


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