Marriage is a lifetime event. It is the beginning of a new life. Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life that must be planned meticulously. Nevertheless, you surely want to make your D day a perfect one. You surely want to look your best on that day. And thus, as an Indian girl, your bridal saree plays significant role to enhance overall beauty of you, as a bride. So you can understand how important it is to choose the right saree for the day. Choosing the right saree is perhaps the most difficult part of your wedding shopping. Designer Saree Retailers may help you choose the right saree.


Besides, Here Are Some Tips Following Which You Can Choose The Right Saree That Suits You The Best.

  • Plan In Advance

Start your wedding shopping at least 2 to 3 months ahead of the marriage date. This gives you more and flexible time to navigate through what is in vogue. And accordingly you can narrow down on the pieces you like the most.

  • Budget

As it comes to buying the bridal saree, your budget plays a crucial role. Make sure your chosen stuffs fall within the budget. It is never recommended to burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Fabric

Fabric of the bridal saree can radically boost up your beauty on that most important day of your life. The choice of fabric can make or break your overall look and body frame. Choose a fabric that accentuates your frame. Silk, for example, is the most preferred choice as stated by a leading Designer Saree Shop. Apart from accentuating your frame, fabric should also ensure maximum comfort during those lengthy ritual hours. It should be something that can be held for hours sans messing up. If silk saree doesn’t fit your budget, you can think about chiffon or brocade. It’s all about your choice and budget.


  • Colour

As an Indian bride, you can obviously get a leeway on this particular aspect of choosing a saree. Pink and red are though most common and preferred choice for bridal saree, you can choose one as per your body frame and skin complexion. Being a fair complexioned girl, choose any colour. But if your complexion is dark and/or if you have some extra bulk on the body, choose a darker shade for your saree. It will make you slim and bright. However, the colour shouldn’t overshadow jewelry as they are significant in terms of your marriage ceremony.

  • Blouse

Your choice of blouse should complement your saree. You can choose a matching or a contrasting colour for the blouse. You can choose backless or deep neck blouses if you like. But avoid heavily embellished or embroidered blouses as the heavier the design you choose, the more uncomfortable you will feel. Fabric of the blouse should also be considered. This determines whether you will get slim or a bulky look. Don’t forget the season. Choose the fabric according to the season. Some fabrics are good for summer months but not suitable for winter. So be careful about that.

So these are the things to keep in mind while choosing your bridal saree. You may also go to a Designer Saree Showroom to make a custom made designer saree for you within your budget.