A well-worn saree can make anyone look like an Indian goddess. When worn properly, it will hide all your imperfections while accentuating your features. But you should know how to wear it properly. Not all saree complements everyone. The materials, designs, draping style, blouse cut; everything matters. This blog is dedicated to all the ladies out there who are insecure about their curves or the lack of it. Read this blog to know how to . Read this blog to know how to accentuate your curves with the best traditional and designer saree in Kolkata.

The Right Color

This time, bright is beautiful. That means you will rock white, yellow, orange, bright red, lime green, etc. Go for color block saree. Bright colors are known to add volume to a person. Avoid deep dull colors such as deep blue, black, brown, etc.

The Right Fabric

This is a very important factor. Remember the rule, the thinner the person, the thicker should be the fabric. This means you will look drop-dead gorgeous in heavy sarees such as Taant, Benarasi, Kanjivaram, heavy silks like Muga silk,Kosa silk, Tussar Silk etc. The thick fabric will put layers in you.

The Right Blouse

No one can rock a puff sleeve as well as you do. Any blouse which is a bit poofed-up is perfect for you. Go for heavy embroidered ones, with big motifs and a lot of thread work. Even a high-neck blouse will add volume to your upper torso. Find yourself surrounded by a collection of beautiful blouses in any designer blouse shop in Kolkata.

The Right Way To Drape

Draping is a very important part of wearing a saree. Any style of draping which increases the thickness will do magic for your figure. Drape your saree lower than usual to make the hip portion look thicker. Pleat the saree smartly and pin it. It will go extremely well.

The Right Border

The thick border doesn’t look good on a slim figure. The whole saree seems to drown in the border. Therefore, go for delicate, thin and delicate borders. These borders will refine your figure making it look flowy. Also, go for big beautiful borders. The more, the better. Here you can go for exquisite motif works with heavy beads and zari.

The Right Accessories

Heavy accessories were made for figures like you. Go for broad neckpieces to show off that beautiful neck. Wear big earrings covering the whole ears or long, chunky jhumkas. Another beautiful ornament is a ‘Kamarband’. Go for a broad, highly ornamented one. It will make your waistline more sensual. You can also try out wonderful oxidised jewellery from a reputed shop selling oxidised jewellery in Kolkata.

Never get complexed about your figure nor let anyone shame you for it. You will be able to wear so many more things looking wonderful.