With more than 500 years of existence, the traditional Indian saree is one of the oldest forms of traditional attire. Its popularity is soaring high, with a vast array of traditional Indian sarees available in the market. Women prefer the old, classical way of draping the saree while there are 80 variations throughout the subcontinent. The saree is also a representation of the rich Indian culture and heritage; hence these nine yards of beauty are close to the hearts of many.

The Vast Range of Indian Traditional Sarees

Taant Sarees – West Bengal

This is one of the oldest and highly traditional sarees from the glorious land of West Bengal. The manufacturers make it from cotton, and women wear it as daily wear. The taant sarees are also incredibly lightweight, easy to wear, and drape. You can find them in the market with thick borders and beautiful prints.

Benarasi Silk Saree – Uttar Pradesh

This is a must-have item in the wardrobe of Indian women. Primarily manufactured in the states of Varanasi and UP, the artisans make this saree with a natural blend of colors, rich and shiny with sheen and texture. They are an outcome of the exquisite talent of the local artisans who make these beautiful varieties for you. The Benarasi sarees are mainly golden embroidered and of the highest quality. You can wear them to wedding parties, receptions and anniversaries and look graceful.

Bomkai Saree- Orissa

Also known as the Sonepuiri silk saree, this is the perfect attire for any god festive occasion. Women consider it a piece of intricate art, an ideal combination of ikkat, detailed threadwork, and embroidery. These nine yards of elegance have unparalleled beauty and are a favorite among most women.

Chanderi Saree- Madhya Pradesh

This is another beautiful traditional saree, with an elegant mixture of sophistication and style. The saree is lightweight with pretty borders. You can buy them in various kinds of geometric patterns, floral art designs, and peacock designs. The fabric is also gorgeous. Wear it as daily wear and pair it up with simple jewellery. Pair your sari look with pretty sandals, and you are ready to go.

Chanderi Traditional Saree

Bandhini Saree – Gujarat

The artisans make it by using the tie-dye technique. They are high in vibrant colors and are made with a specialized technique of knot tying. This method stops the spread of the paint so that the design formation is appropriate. The fabric is mostly chiffon. However, to cater to the increasing demand for this saree, they are also available in georgette, cotton, crepe, cotton-silk blends, etc.

You can conveniently wear them in the summer season for festive occasions and also as part of daily wear.

Muga Silk – Assam

This unique silk saree is made from silk material produced by larvae which feed on two special leaves. The silk produced from here is of the best quality. It is glossy, shiny, and extremely durable. In fact, the golden threads of the Muga Silk are only available in the state of Assam.

Phulkari Saree- Punjab

The word Phulkari means floral artwork. Having originated from Punjab, the artisans use fabrics like cotton and silk and embroider them with floss silk threads. Also, another attractive designer saree, the artisans incorporate them with geometric patterns and floral motifs. Besides, it is also comfortable to wear to family gatherings, marriage parties, events, and other occasions.

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