There are various reasons for the popularity of oxidized jewellery. In comparison to purer metals like gold and silver, it is versatile and cost-effective. There is also a unique look in these types of jewellery. There are stone works, delicate carvings and enamelling on oxidized metal. The coloured stones on them stand out as a light and shadow effect is created by oxidization. There is uniqueness in oxidized metal.


For thousands of years, metals are being used. Metals like gold, silver, brass and copper were used to make vessels, coins, lamps, candlesticks and musical instruments. These are then used for making different forms of jewellery. There is an oxide or an antique finish in these metals because of oxidization, which happens when these metals combine with oxygen. There are numerous alloys like copper, zinc, etc. though silver is used more in the making of oxidized jewellery. In order to produce coloured jewellery, nickel is often used. The creation of alloys was necessary as the price of silver increased substantially after 2008. The percentage of silver in these alloys was 20 to 25%. You can find a variety of oxidised jewellery in Kolkata.

Around 1100 AD, during the method of refining metals was carried out to extract other impurities, the process of blackening silver first took place. For turning black, sulfur was used to the molten silver. In 1250, the gold plating of silver became popular.

The Making:

To create the alloy, the two metals are blended together in the process of oxidization. The oxidized effect is achieved by exposing a pure metal like silver is exposed to Sulfur. Using Silver Black, that contains hydrochloric acid, is another method of oxidizing jewellery. This method provides a controlled approach comparing to the use of Liver of Sulfur. Necklaces, earrings, anklets, chains, jewellery boxes and other objects are made by using oxidized metal.

Present Day Picture:

In various oxidized jewellery like bangles, earrings, pendants, cuff, anklets, long and short necklaces, nose rings and bracelets, there are numerous attractive designs available. You can find these in shops selling artificial jewellery in Kolkata. Glass, stones and semi-precious gems are used to make designs such as Tribal, Mughal, Meenakari, Kundan, temple, etc. in oxidized pendants. Among the teenagers and young adults, the pendants available in the zodiac signs are very popular. Contrasted coloured beads are also used in oxidized beaded jewellery to create a unique look. Danglers and hoops are two among the many types in which oxidized earrings are available. In them, large stones are used as a high point, jhumkas and a lot more. There are also many varieties in oxidized anklets. Oxidized jewellery boxes are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.