Traditional Maheshwari sarees are very popular in the whole world among Indian sarees. The place of origin of this saree is Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh and this saree gets its name from here. The story of the origin of this saree goes like this that the famous queen Ahilyabai Holkar expressed her desire to have a special 9-yard saree designed for her and the weavers from the nearby cities were given this responsibility. That was the birth of Maheshwari saree. Thinking of the cost and practicality of the saree, the raw material of it was changed from silk to cotton. This saree is now available at many saree retailers in Kolkata. Chandrakala, Baingani Chandrakala, Chandratara, Beli and Parbi are the five main categories of Maheshwari Sarees. The latter three varieties are designed with small motifs, checks or stripes whereas the first two are plain designs with a focus on the shade and border. In the colours of red, purple, maroon, black or green, the authentic Maheshwari sarees are available. They have to be dry-cleaned before the first wash because they are dyed using natural colours. To make Maheshwari sarees suitable for occasions, golden or silver zari is used in them. One can wear the saree from any side as these sarees have reversible border.

Some Designs of Maheshwari Sarees

You will find a variety of designs of this saree in the showrooms of Maheshwari saree retailers in Kolkata. Some of them are:

  • Black Maheshwari Silk Saree with Orange and Pink Border

You will surely grab the attention of people wherever you go if you wear this saree. There is a lustrous sheen in this stunning black Maheshwari silk saree and this makes it perfect for weddings and parties. A contrast coloured blouse can be worn with it to get a royal look.

  • Blue Maheshwari Cotton Saree with Orange Border

The best colour combinations of blue and orange are complemented by the golden zari in this saree. You will look truly glamorous if you wear a golden and orange coloured blouse and traditional accessories with it.

  • Purple Maheshwari Cotton Silk Saree

The colour of this Maheshwari saree is purple and there is a metallic grey shade in it. Stripes alternating between gold and purple are found in the lower half of the saree. In order to highlight the body of the saree, the Palla is kept simple. A matching blouse and traditional accessories are best paired with this saree.