If you are willing to craft an impressive home decor without punching a hole in your pocket, the best you can do is to visit a shop offering handicraft items and buy a few of them. A prime benefit of investing in Indian handicraft items is that you get to choose a product which can become a reflection of your taste and preferences. They never go out of style which means that you can use the same item as your decor element for years.

4 Handicraft Items You Can Include In Your Home Decor Ideas

  • Dhokra Art

If you are looking for some handicraft art with a twist which you can include in your home decor design, just visit a handicraft items showroom and look for some unique Dhokra decorative. They include motifs of peacocks, lamp caskets, elephants and owls which are generally crafted using ironware and metal. They are being used as a decorative art form for years.

  • Madhubani Paintings

Also known as Mithila paintings, they are the perfect blend of figures of nature, men, deities, plants, flowers, social events, religious events and birds and lifelike shapes and patterns. They are the best decor for the wall in your drawing room. You can also hang a customised wall clock as the centrepiece with four paintings in place of the time needles.


  • Rice Sieve

Not everyone visiting a handicraft items shop is aware of the fact that rice sieve or chaaj is not anymore just a utility item but is also being used to decorate people’s interiors. You can customise one from the store you are visiting or simply stick a poster on it before hanging it on the wall of your drawing room. You can also create one by sticking some decorative spoons and forks on it using some high-quality adhesive.

  • Dhurries

They are basically handicraft rugs with its origin in Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Wool jute, cotton and silk are the three prime materials used to make them. One of the benefits of using beautiful Dhurries rugs for home decor is that they are foldable, lightweight and require low maintenance. They are available in various sizes and colours so just choose one which you find appealing.

Since you are now aware of the various handicraft items you can include in your home decor ideas, it’s time to visit a shop offering those at affordable prices.