Almost every Indian woman will agree with the fact that a saree is one of the best outfits one can drape to enhance their natural beauty. Just consider the occasion and style of draping if you want to be a head-turner everywhere you go. If you have numerous of them in your wardrobe and don’t know which one to wear, just consider the occasion and make the right choice. Not only will it help to enhance your beauty but also project your personality.

3 Common Occasions And The Type Of Saree You Should Wear

  • Morning Meet Ups

If you are planning to attend a morning event, visit a reputed saree shop and look for lacy embroidered sarees in light colours. Few of the colours you can consider are green, light yellow, cream and peach. Though you can drape a black saree as well, try to avoid the other dark colours as you might look overdressed.

  • Regular Parties

If you have to attend office parties or birthday parties frequently, buy some classy chiffon and printed silk sarees. As far as the colour is concerned, you can go for any shade if the party is scheduled for the evening. For festive occasions, try Indian silk sarees with a traditional touch.

How To Shop The Perfect Saree From The Topmost Saree Retailers?

  • Travelling

Since the focus is on staying comfortable and at ease when travelling, it is always advisable to wear lightweight sarees. Buy printed sarees in light shades as they are easily manageable and you won’t feel exhausted even during long trips. Try to avoid sarees with zari work or large prints when travelling.

These being said, it’s time you consider the occasion and drape the right saree.