Durga Puja, the greatest festival of Bengal, is a few days away. It is the time for rejoice and celebration. All men, women and children dress up in new clothes and do pandal hopping. People start preparing for Durga Puja many days before. They start making a list of what clothes and accessories to be bought. At Mrignayani, we have brought a varied collection of saree, blouse and readymade dresses for ladies this Durga Puja. Here we are giving an idea of what you can wear from these on Shasthi, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Dashami.


For Bengalis, Durga Puja starts from Shasthi. On this day, Bodhan of Ma Durga is done. For this day, you can wear our Lahenga with Parsi work and matching Choli and Dupatta. A long skirt that falls around the ankles is called Lahenga. For ceremonial occasions, the skirt is often pleated or embroidered. On our Lahengas, there is a form of embroidery known as Parsi work. It is an ancient art which has become very popular during the last few years.


With offering pushpanjali to Ma Durga, the day generally starts. Your grace increases a lot more on wearing our Chanderi saree. In Kolkata, we are one of the renowned Chanderi saree retailers. In Chanderi, a town in Madhya Pradesh, this traditional saree is made. Between the 2nd and 7th centuries, the weaving culture of Chanderi emerged. In the 13th century, the Chanderi saree tradition began. From three kinds of fabric i.e. pure silk, Chanderi cotton and silk cotton, Chanderi sarees are made. Into different Chanderi patterns, traditional coin, floral art, peacocks and geometric designs are woven.


People stand in a queue to offer pushpanjali to Maa Durga at the beginning of Ashtami. This day dress up yourself in our traditional handloom saree. In India, the making of Handloom sarees is a traditional art. Normally, it takes two to three days to complete a single saree. There are specific traditions of handloom sarees according to different regions. On a shuttle-pit loom made from ropes, wooden beams and poles, a Handloom saree is woven. Maheshwari saree is one type of Handloom Saree which is available with us, a popular name among Maheshwari saree retailers in Kolkata.


The most happening day of the entire Dura Puja is Navami. Make it more special with our attractive Kosa silk saree. From cocoons which are grown on Arjun, Saja and Sal, it is drawn. For its sturdiness, Kosa silk is well known. In various shades of pale golden, dark honey, orange, cream and many more, it is available. Dull gold is the original colour of Kosa silk. Using various natural dyes the finished product is dyed.


This is a very sad day for all of us as Ma Durga leaves for Kailash. However, amidst the sad feelings, there is a ray of hope that Ma Durga will again come to us the next year. This day, women dress in the traditional style. Our Tussar Silk saree will be best to wear for this day. From larvae of several species of silkworms living in the wild forests, it is produced. For its rich texture and natural deep gold colour, Tussar silk is very famous.