While it is true that the winter season isn’t extremely harsh in Kolkata, it still gets very chilly from the end of December to the starting of January. Not surprisingly, the wedding season also tends to be during November, December, January and February. This is because of the simple fact that on the other months, it gets too hot and we cannot possibly enjoy ourselves with all the sweating. In winter we have more energy; we can dance more freely and eat till our tummy aches.

Keeping it Warm yet Elegant

So, we have established the fact that most of the weddings in Kolkata fall during winter months. The question arises- what to wear, or more specifically, what kind of blouse to wear. While there are several shops of readymade blouse in Kolkata, you need to find one which suits your needs. Find a blouse which is stylish and elegant, yet warm enough to keep you cozy and comfortable. Listed below are few ideas about the blouse that will rescue you this winter season

Peplum Blouses

With the right fittings, anyone can slay a peplum blouse. It makes you look curvier, gives you a proper waistline and keeps you fully covered. Buy a high embroidery material and pair it with a solid-colored silk saree. Trust me; you will look like a queen. The material and the design are guaranteed to protect you from the wind.

Velvet Blouse

This one is about the material and not the design. Velvet or velveteen is a naturally dense material. But we should also keep in mind that it isn’t too thick. This means that we can layer it on other fabric too for styling. The gorgeous texture and feel make it highly suitable for wedding seasons. You can find a gorgeous collection of velvet blouse in a reputed designer blouse shop in Kolkata.

Full-Sleeve with Collar Neck

How to keep yourself warm in winter? Cover your body up. With full sleeve blouse, you will pull-off winter like a pro. The collar neck makes everyone look very smart and sharp. Wear it with a high-embroidery saree and you will feel like a queen.

Bell-Sleeve with Boat Neck

One of the most timeless sleeves of all time is the Bell-shaped Sleeves. It gives out the ultimate vintage vibe. The boat neck not only completes the look but also keeps you warm. The best material for this design is silk. It will provide the ultimate flowy illusion. Pair it will a silk saree and you are bound to turn heads.

There are many well-reputed showrooms of designer saree in Kolkata. You can find the best collection of silk saree in these boutiques.