As the heading suggests, in this blog we will talk about some of our best selling silk and why we should buy them right now. We will also try to give a few tips on when to wear them. While the sale of other variety of saree might spike up once a while but these 3 ones are always on demand.

Chanderi Silk Saree

We will start the list with our absolute favorite- Chanderi Silk Saree. It is one of our best sellers for a reason. While no one knows exactly when it was invented, the finess of chanderi silk has been mentioned even in the Mahabharat. According to this sacred text, lord Krishna gifted it to his cousin Shishupal. Due to its extreme lightweight and fineness, this fabric is sometimes known as ‘woven air’. One of the reasons why this saree is so popular today is because it is very comfortable and versatile. It can be easily worn in parties and offices.

Kosa Silk Saree

Kosa silk is another form of Tussar silk and is known all across the world for its purity. Due to its intricate weaving process, one handloom kosa silk saree takes up to five days in making. It is another big seller in our store. At Mrignayani Emporium, we have the best collection of Kosa silk sarees. We always believe in staying trendy. Therefore, we have kept a collection that has the perfect blend of traditional and western elements. We also have the most variety among all saree retailers in Kolkata.

Maheswari Silk Saree

This exquisite saree origin in a small town called Makeshwar, Madhya Pradesh. It is said that the queen of Maheshwar, who was ruling during that time, asked some artisans and craftsmen from the nearby villages and told them to make her a unique saree. That is how maheshwari saree was created. One of the most attractive features of a maheshwari saree is its attractive motifs. Our showroom in Dakshinapan saree shop has a variety of collections with the most original and authentic motifs. An authentic maheshwari saree will be perfect for the upcoming wedding.

Our section of best selling saree always keeps on changing. But what stays constant is our quality of product and the variety of it. We also make sure that there is something for everyone. Among other shops of designer saree in Kolkata, we love to maintain a standard.