Benarasi saris are sold by renowned Silk saree retailers in Kolkata. These are made of fine varieties of silk threads and the silk used in making these saris belong to the purest form thereby ensuring the inept gorgeousness. These silks are known from the periods of epic. Earlier, these silks used to make the attire of the royals. There was a time when these saris were created from real gold and silver threads and took pretty long for completion. However, fine craftsmanship in the preparation has brought in by Mughals whose contribution in glorifying the art of weaving and designing was iconic. Introduction of artifact in weaving was started in the Mughal era. Various researches (permutation and combination) were made to bring out the finest designs. Even, Persian motifs were tried with Indian customary attire in order to bring out the classic exotic look. Benarasi saris of the current time are mix up of these two different cultures and are an exemplary enthusiasm that has been obtained from Mughals. Benarasi saris are considered to be one of the finest traditional attires. Its recognition is made up with the exceptional designs and the presence of zari on it, Sometimes this has been further adorned with the beautiful gold and silver brocade. These saris are distinguished with the presence of golden embroideries, stitched figures, metal visual effects and the compactness of the fabric which is an essential feature of this special silk. Benarasi saris are categorized into four distinct varieties, with each one having its finer characteristics. There is pure silk variety known as Katan. Silk saree retailers sell the other varieties that include Organza with zari and silk, georgette and shatter in Kolkata. The most popular variety is, of course, the pure silk one. These saris are also classified as jangla, tanchoi, vaskat, cutwork, tissue and butidar depending on the design these possess. Katan has, in fact, originated from Persia and came to India when Mughal emerged into our country. Later, the rulers persuaded craftsmen located in various areas in India, especially the finest makers in Benaras in making these finest weaves. Katan silk creation involves a series of meticulous procedures. These silk yarns are slightly yellowish and coarse at the beginning. These are made soft by treating with prescribed chemicals. Three or four plies of these yarns are spun at the same time on a spinning wheel. There these are twisted and prepared for the loom. Process of twisting is handled by artisans known as Naqqads. Twisting of two threads is enough for Katan silk while others may require several numbers of yarns. Twisting is followed by dye-up of the weft and warp. The process is conducted through tie and dye method. The process requires extreme attention as the designer is expected to visualize the desired pattern. Then the pattern is dyed with absolute mathematical precision. The dyeing process is marked with charcoal. Then the yarns are tied by using wax. This dyeing and tying process is continued till coming up of the desired shades. Katan fabric saris remain topmost among the traditional attire sold by the entire Top Handloom Saree Retailers in Gariahat. These fabrics are top priorities for any auspicious occasions including wedding. The saris are sturdy yet offering regal touch that imparts the hallmark gorgeousness.