Silk Sari retailers in Kolkata takes pride of their collection of bridal benarasi saris. The span of bridal life for a woman is traditionally brief and yet filled with events. There exists a sweet air of anticipation where a bride goes pampered by friends and family and at the same time, there are a lot of things that are required to perform and sometimes hasty decisions are needed to make. The thing that spans the major part of bride’s sentiment is a perfect bridal getup. This comprises hairdo, jewelries, accessory, and unfailingly, a perfectly gorgeous bridal benarasi sari, an integral part of Bengali wedding.
Bridal benarasi saris are something that is inescapable in any Bengali wedding ceremony. These saris are classic attires that are sure to bring out the best of beauty from any Bengali bride. Mix of artistry and craftsmanship has been intrigued in these attires. Depending on intricacies, the time limit for weaving such a sari lies anywhere between 15 days to six months. The original variety was brought to India by the Mughals. With indigenous influences and innovative techniques adopted by researchers at various times, these saris have taken its present form and have become the passion of Indian Bride.

Bridal benarasi saris, besides offering an ensemble of color, are available in a variety of silk as well. Let us consider brief views of all these variations:

Katan Saris

This is a form of pure silk sari offered by most sari retailers. These have come unmixed with any sort of other fabric. Earlier, these were hand-woven, but with the invention of power looms, the weaving has become an easy task. These saris are distinguished with the ancient motifs, symbols and designs that have gone symmetrical with the concept of wedding. Being available in a huge variety of colors and tones, everyone is sure to find the perfect one for her complexion. This true classic variety is an ideal shot for those who cherish traditional values.

Organza with Zari and Silk

Depending on the pattern of weaving, Organza may bring in smooth feeling or it may also feel slightly coarse. Warp and weft technique is implemented for crafting of the designs; each warp thread goes over another warp thread and subsequently comes from under another warp thread. A completely new texture is imparted by the use of acute zari work, with association of mesmerizing golden patterns.


Georgette is a classic option of fabric chosen for any auspicious occasion. Even its presence in benarasi sari works in enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the garments. This type of yarn feature twist over thin, light weight fabric. The crinkly surface looks just beautiful. The flowery fabric is sure to import a fairy tale bridal look.