Every Indian woman agrees to the fact that sarees are the best example of traditional clothing. It’s a fact that western attires are dominating the market. Still nothing can beat the style, grace, culture and beauty reflected by a designer handloom saree. Naming few beautiful Indian sarees would be patola, tussar, kalamkaris, banarasi, and south Indian silk sarees and so on.

However, as much as you love to wear beautiful sarees, cleaning and maintaining those properly is quite a task. Here’s a to-do list for your saree cleaning task. Before shopping around from the top saree retailers in Kolkata, know few important things.

What Are The Basic Of Cotton Saree Cleaning?

  • Before washing cotton saree for the first time, soak it for 10-15 minutes in warm water mixed with salt. It helps the color to latch onto the saree and there will be no color bleeding.
  • Say no to strong detergents when washing a cotton saree. A mild detergent will do the needful.
  • Hang the saree in a shaded area only. Direct sunlight causes the color to fade.
  • You must store the saree in an airy cupboard which is void of direct sunlight and humidity.

What Are The Basic Of Silk Saree Cleaning?

  • Never machine wash or hand-wash a silk saree .
  • If the saree gets stained, wiping off the stain with cold water is the best idea.
  • Silk sarees are only for dry cleaning.

How To Remove Food Stain From A Light Colored Saree?

Silk saree retailers in Kolkata offer a wide range of designer and colorful pieces. Are you crushing over subtle pastel shades? Maintaining light colored sarees are quite a daunting task. There are risks all around you such as a drop of ketchup from your platter onto the plush fabric can ruin all the fun. Few food stains are too stubborn to go away with detergents and soaps. Here’s how can you get rid of it.

Wet the stain areas with water and cover up the stained area with a coat of white toothpaste. Hang the material to dry for few days before washing off the paste coated area. The stain is most likely to be completely removed. In case, the stain is lighter but still visible, repeat the process until it’s completely gone.

However, buying good quality products always lessens the hazards of saree cleaning. If you are searching for one of the best Chanderi Saree Retailers in Kolkata, turn to Mrignayani M.P. Govt Emporium!