A saree is not like any other garment. However, it is a trademark of the culture and heirloom passed through generations. Sarees evoke a feeling of nostalgia and emotions, making the wearer look beautiful and ethereal. Many women face difficulties wearing the saree bought from the traditional saree shop in Kolkata. In this blog, we have discussed the tips for wearing a saree in the perfect manner.

Tips to Style a Saree

  • Choose a Contrasting Blouse and Petticoat

You can wear a saree without a blouse and a petticoat. In the early times, women used to drape the saree around themselves without wearing a blouse. The idea of women with bare chests was considered immodest. This gave birth to the concept of stitching blouses and petticoats. Today, women prefer to wear complementary blouses with saree. Modern styling includes wearing a shirt underneath the saree to make for a unique look.

A perfectly fitted flattering blouse enhances the aesthetics of the saree. The petticoat gives your attire a proper shape and makes you comfortable.

  • Correct Saree Fabric

Choosing the suitable saree cloth is bound to make you feel comfortable and confident. Wearing a chiffon saree makes you feel like the Bollywood dream has come true. But most complain about skin irritation while wearing it. Handloom sarees like Kancheepuram, Patola, Silk and Cotton sarees, Patola and Maheshwari are most comfortable to wear. People consider them as the jewel of Indian ethnic wear. So, whenever you buy a saree, try to invest in a good material brought from a reputable shop. This will ensure that the sarees have aesthetics besides a long shelf life.

  • Saree Drapes

You can drape a saree in diverse styles and fashions. There are regional modifications when it comes to draping or wearing the saree. The most common form has set folds on the front, with the end draped over the shoulder. If you are too bored with the traditional methods of wearing the saree, you can choose from the other trending styles. It can range from the belt style to dhoti, Mumtaz style, pant or butterfly style, lehenga style etc. While the styles of saree wearing keep evolving through the ages, you can keep a lookout for the best one to flaunt on any occasion.

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