As it comes to choosing a saree, it is essential that you have basic understanding of a few factors that mean a lot in terms of saree buying including handloom sarees bought from leading Handloom Saree Shop. Indian sarees are found in different styles and materials. In fact, their types are literally limitless. And, this is the key reason that saree buying often makes you confused. Well, being a smart buyer, here are a few things that you must consider to ensure buying a genuine Indian saree, irrespective of the material.

  • Choose The Right Fabric

This is the key thing to consider while buying a saree. The fabric can make you look taller or shorter, slimmer or wider. Properly chosen fabric can enhance your glow as well. Besides, consider the season during fabric selection. Cotton, for example, is perfect for toned and extra lean bodies while crepe or silk is the best to look smart and comfortable and thus you can wear them to any party and gathering as well as to office. Being hourglass-shaped, choosing chiffon or georgette would be ideal as these sarees make you look slimmer.

  • It Is About Prints

A print is something that can tell about your taste and mindset a lot. Further, prints can also put light on your personality, mood, activities, behaviours and what not! Being plump and large in shape and short in height, avoid bold, big prints; choose small prints. If you are not sure of which print would suit you, go with floral. But, if you like traditional, opt for paisley prints while geometric or calligraphic prints would be right for the women with contemporary tastes. You can find such sarees in any good Handloom Saree Showroom.

Indian Saree

  • Border Is Important

Even being a minute thing, border works play significant role to make you look beautiful and appealing in sarees. A perfect border work can preserve your ravishing and elite look incredibly. Borders also portray a lot about your personality. If you are lean and tall, sarees with broad border will make you look more elegant and beautiful. But if you are petite and lean, choose sleek and thin border. Rather, you focus on hue and fabric of the saree instead of the border. Broader border can make you look bulkier. If you are blessed to have a plump yet tall figure, medium ranged broadness of borders would be just right for you. But, being a fat and petite woman, it would be better to avoid sarees with any type of border.

  • It Is Colour, Dear

How can you just skip the most dramatic point of a saree? Yes, it is the colour. Choose the right coloured saree to enhance your appeal. Being brightly dark, choose illuminated hues like orange, khadi and off white colours. If you have an olive complexion, coral or pastel colours will be the right choice for you. Colours like yellow, sunlight turquoise and peach will be best for you. Being a woman with wheatish complexion, choose bright colours for your sarees.