It is always a delightful experience to buy sarees. A woman never feels tired while choosing a saree. Even if it takes hours to make the right selection, but it always feels great to explore the beautiful sarees all around, touch them, admire them and caress them lovingly. The busy lifestyle has snatched the luxury of spending time as per one’s whims and fancy. So, now it is never possible for someone to visit a saree shop with enough time in hand to cuddle the fascinating ‘Six Yards” for hours and choose the best ones from the lovely bunch. Still, the passion for them never diminished. And you got your fair chance to get engrossed in selecting the perfect saree for yourself from the magnificent collection of sarees.

Buying saree is all about feeling the fabric, checking the tint carefully, putting it on you once to ascertain what a beautiful drape it will make. While opting for online buying, none of these elements can be availed, so half of the charm will be gone. Still, it is also a different kind of experience to flip through the innumerable selections, zooming them to see closely and fantasising the look after draping it. That makes the option a beezer no doubt. Here are a few essential tips for buying handloom saree online and offline. They are certainly the rage among saree lovers of all age group.

A saree aficionado’s priority would always be a saree when it comes to grooming up for a party or gifting to a loved one. A handloom saree is one option that serves all the purposes with gracefully. It is just about a handloom saree, a big bindi, a jhumka, and you are ready for the day. So, it’s time to concentrate on the critical considerations for getting some handloom sarees online.

Things To Remember While Buying Designer Sarees In Kolkata

Primary Considerations For Getting Handloom Saree Online And Offline

Quality Of The Fabric

This is crucial to examine the quality of the saree. You need to feel it gently to know the texture, and this will help you to measure the quality of the saree.

Choose A Saree As Per The Season To Wear It

It is always comfortable to wear handloom saree. You can wear them in any climate. Still, choose the saree that will suit the season and the occasion.


One of the essential factors for choosing the perfect saree. It is not so crucial that the saree should match the skin tone of the one wearing it, but it should be to the liking of the wearer. It should also match the accessories you have planned to wear with it, or else it might seem a bit out of place.


It is wise to get a saree which is not prone to creases much. It must always have the right number of pleats. A saree having stiff weaving pattern gets crumbled, but when the weaving is loose, then the fibre might loosen up, causing damage to the saree.


This is one of the most deciding factors for buying a saree. The handloom saree comes in a varied price range, but it is all about making the right choice and getting it from a trusted brand.

Mrignayani Kolkata is one of the reputed names to put an extensive choice of handloom sarees before you. The range tends to be so tempting that you will undoubtedly get spoilt for choices.