Bored with your existing wardrobe and feel the urge to give your style a revamp? Planning to buy ethnic wear which lets you flaunt your unique personality? Draping an elegant handloom saree can be a great way to flatter as well as accentuate your feminine curves whilst making a unique style statement.

Sarees are inherent to every Indian woman’s DNA – whatever her age is, wherever she is from or whatever her lifestyle may be. From time immemorial to the modern days, this attire has been an indispensable part of the Indian tradition. And, amid the availability of many varieties, the handloom saree makes for a great pick. The sophisticated patterns of hand-woven saris set them apart from other varieties. What’s more, these saris transform into one of the most elegant attires, when draped and carried well.

Here’s a glimpse of the top handloom sarees you should own.

Beautiful Types Of Indian Handloom Sarees Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

  1. Sensational Banarasi Saree

Banarasi sarees have always been the first preference for Indian women, particularly on weddings. Hailing from the sacred city of Banaras (also known as Varanasi), these saris are a marvellous representation of Indian tradition, culture and art entwined. While the pallu showcases an amazing pattern woven with spectacular golden threads, the body features butties all throughout. These attires are immensely popular for their intricacy in work of resham and zari and can be worn across numerous occasions.

  1. Eccentric Tant Saree

The Bengal handloom tant saree is one of the most marvellous creations by skilled artisans. A tant is a cotton hand-woven sari with an airy and light texture. These saris often come with embroidered border which features a silk threaded work. The pallu of tant sarees come in elaborate patterns. This attire makes the perfect outfit for the hot and humid summer season since it is very comfortable to wear. Be it a festival or a corporate event, these saris will beautifully highlight your personality.

handloom saree

  1. Magical Tussar Saree

The tussar silk sari is another popular handloom saree widely appreciated for its elegance. Owing to the larva derived from different silk worms, these silk saris are much more textured than the ones which are made in mulberry silk. It is the natural deep colour and rich texture which adds to the vibrancy of this hand-woven attire. Tussar sari is considered to be ideal for every season because of the porous fabric which makes them very comfortable and breathable.

  1. Fascinating Chanderi Saree

Hailing from Madhya Pradesh – the heart Of India, the Chanderi saree is another must-have outfit which you should add to your collection. The unique shades along with stylish designs make these saris a class apart. The Chanderi type of saree offers a soft and airy feel to the wearers and is widely known for its lightweight and sheer texture.

  1. Graceful Baluchari Saree

Another hand-woven sari widely preferred by customers is the baluchari saree. The pattern of baluchari saree features Hindu mythological stories woven with fine silk threads. The border and pallu of this attire features an elaborate creation and display beautiful motifs like animals, flowers and much more. Balucharis woven with golden zari is known as Swarnachari.

Now that you are aware of these bedazzling hand-woven sarees, what are you still here for? Quickly find a reputed handloom saree retailer and go on a shopping spree. Time to drape beautiful hand-woven saris around you and turn heads wherever you go!