Sarees have always been a quintessential part of Indian culture and tradition. Each state of India has its unique style of saree. The sarees represent heritage and identity. Here are five different types of sarees. They represent different states of India. Every traditional saree retailer in Kolkata stores this range of sarees.

What are the most popular traditional sarees in India?

Banarasi saree – Uttar Pradesh

Banarasi sarees are known for their intricate designs. They are made of silk with gold and silver zari work. These sarees are woven in the city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. They symbolise royalty and elegance. They are often worn during weddings and other special occasions.

Kanjeevaram saree – Tamil Nadu

Kanjeevaram sarees are handwoven in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. They are made of pure silk. Their heavy borders and pallus characterise these sarees. usually woven in contrasting colours. Kanjeevaram sarees are known for their durability. They are often passed down through generations.

Bandhani sarees – Gujrat

Bandhani sarees are a popular choice in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. These sarees are made using a tie-and-dye technique, where the cloth is tied at various points before dyeing. The resulting patterns are usually in the form of dots, stripes, or waves. These sarees are often bright and vibrant and are perfect for festive occasions.

Paithani saree – Maharashtra

Paithani sarees are handwoven in Paithan, Maharashtra, and are made of fine silk. These sarees are known for their vibrant colours and intricate designs. Paithani sarees usually have a peacock or lotus motif, often worn during weddings and other traditional ceremonies.

Muga saree – Assam

Muga sarees are made of Muga silk, found exclusively in Assam. These sarees are known for their natural golden colour and durability. Muga sarees are adorned with intricate designs and are often worn during traditional Assamese ceremonies.

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