Just buy a traditional saree from a renowned saree shop and you stay assured that you will look both gorgeous and sexy when you drape it. Though being traditional, you can easily flaunt your curves by draping it the right way. But if you want to look your best in a beautiful attire bought from your favourite saree shop, make sure you avoid the common mistakes women generally make when draping it. The entire essence of wearing a saree will get damaged if you can’t wear it properly.

Bought A Saree From Your Favourite Traditional Saree Shop? Few Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing It

  • Wearing Wrong Shoes

Since you have draped a traditional saree, it is your responsibility to ensure that you choose the right shoes. Wearing wedges or casual platform heels is a strict no-no. If you don’t want to spoil the beauty of a traditional saree, it is advisable to avoid slippers and flats as well. Instead, pair it with stilettos or high heels as they can easily make a woman look taller and slimmer.

  • Misfit Blouse

It is not only about buying a beautiful saree from a traditional saree showroom but you also need to choose the right blouse. Since misfit blouse can damage the beauty of your attire, don’t wear extremely tight or sleek blouses which don’t complement your body. Loosely fitted blouses can also have a negative impact on the beauty of your traditional saree.

Traditional Saree

  • Experimenting Too Much

Even if your focus is on attaining a unique look when draping your favourite saree, experimenting too much is not always advisable. Before you start draping the attire in a particular manner, make sure you exactly know how to do it. The best alternative is to get in touch with someone who knows the art of draping a traditional saree in various ways before trying a DIY.

  • Ignore The Occasion

Considering the occasion you are visiting is a must when choosing the saree you can wear. Negligence to do so can make you a laughing stock. If you are planning to attend a wedding party, avoid subtle coloured sarees. If you think that you don’t have any suitable saree you can wear on a specific occasion, just visit a renowned traditional saree shop and choose an attire from numerous styles and designs.

  • Heavy Jewellery

If you think that the easiest way to gather praise from all and get the right amount of attention when you attend an occasion is by wearing heavy jewellery with your traditional saree, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Avoid an overdose of bling and opt for delicate jewellery like thin bracelets, thin long chains with small pendants and subtle earrings. Light jewellery can easily make you look younger by accentuating your looks.

Avoid the mistakes stated above and look your best when draping a traditional saree.