Gone are the days when men and women wore Indian traditional clothing as a gesture for their culture. Nowadays, you can choose from a wide variety of ethnic clothes which can make you feel fashionable, gorgeous, and a fashionista at the same time. The demand for sarees is always quite high as it suits various occasions like marriage ceremonies and festivals. Visit any reputable saree shop in Kolkata, and you can choose from a wide variety of products in different fabrics and colours. If you are looking for a traditional ethnic silk fabric widely used to weave sarees, choose chanderi.

History Of Chanderi

Some people believe that Chanderi fabric was known since the Vedic period and was founded by Shishupal (Lord Krishna’s cousin). It is considered to be one of the best handloom fabrics in decades. In 1910, the royal family of Scindia weaved the golden thread motif work in cotton muslin sarees.

Chanderi silk variety was introduced in the 1930s; Chanderi weavers in Madhya Pradesh replaced the warps of cotton sarees with Japanese silk. Earlier, the fabric was woven with wefts and handspun cotton warps. In the 1980s, there was an evolution of the fabric. The handspun yarns were replaced with mill made yarns by the weavers in the Chanderi town. Its popularity reached new heights during the Mughal reign. It became the preferred choice for queens all over India.

Few Benefits Of Upgrading Your Wardrobe With The Latest Chanderi Sarees

Get A Royal And Classy Look

Chanderi sarees weave in two common fabrics, silk and cotton, and both project a royal look. The fabric has a classic touch which makes it suitable for various occasions. Choose a saree with broad box pleats in the front and highlight your ethereal side. Drape it the right way and look amazing.

Chanderi Saree

Choose From A Wide Variety Of Chanderi Sarees

These sarees make from a wide variety of silk fabrics, so you can choose one which suits your needs. There is a variety in patterns and how the designs are embroidered. Visit a reputable saree shop and choose from a wide variety of sarees in different colours.

It Is Very Comfortable

Buy a soft chanderi saree from a reputable saree shop in Kolkata, and you will know how comfortable the fabric is. You can wear it for any occasion in any season without any hassle and look great. It is one of the cool-wearing saree varieties that makes it ideal for India’s hot summer season.

Drape Chanderi Sarees Anywhere You Look

If you think that you can wear Chanderi sarees only when attending wedding ceremonies, it is high time you debunk the myth. Chanderi sarees can become the perfect outfit when attending a meeting or a puja event. The fabric is marvellous so that you can get a glamorous look.

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