If you are one of those husbands who love surprising their wives with beautiful gifts, this is the right time to visit a saree retailer and buy a beautiful handloom saree. The material used to make them is eco-friendly and natural which has made them one of the most preferred attire for Indian women. They can easily enhance the beauty of a woman by adding a traditional charm to their look. Don’t fear if you are a first-time buyer. Make sure that the seller you are opting for is renowned and consider the points stated below.

Want To Buy The Best Handloom Saree For Your Wife? Few Vital Points To Consider

  • Colour

Go through their wardrobe and if you notice that some particular colour is dominating a majority of her dresses, you can assume that she prefers that shade. Though women have more colour-intuitive knowledge than men, you can also choose a suitable shade by considering their skin tone. Buy a bright coloured handloom saree if she has a fair or pale complexion. Maroon, dark pink and green shades suit dusky and tan coloured women.

  • Budget

If you think that women only love expensive sarees, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Visit a reputed handloom saree retailer and you can choose from a wide variety of saree without exceeding your budget. Restrict your budget and opt for a soft feel and smooth textured fabric. In fact, choosing just one saree from so many varieties becomes easier when you fix a budget before approaching the retailer.

Things To Remember While Buying Designer Sarees In Kolkata

  • Body Type

If you want to know what type of saree border and design will suit your wife the best, consider her body type. You can either buy borderless handloom sarees or one with heavy borders if she has a lean figure. If your wife is from the heavier side or is a bit overweight, buy a borderless saree. One with heavy borders might make her look more bulky and fat.

  • Age

Men buying sarees for the very first time might not know that the age of the person wearing it is also a vital thing to consider. Let the handloom saree retailer know the age of your wife and they will offer sarees which will suit her. If her age is more than 40 years, buy a classic and traditional saree. Make sure you don’t opt for a loud or bold colour. Younger women look really nice in fashionable handloom sarees.

When In Doubt, Buy A Black Saree

Every woman will agree with the fact that black sarees are something which will never go out of fashion. Black will never fail to impress your wife, irrespective of her taste and preferences. There is a touch of adventure in black which is widely appreciated by all. Ask the saree retailer to show all the black handloom sarees within your budget and choose one which you feel will look good on your wife.