Handloom – as the name suggests, is an exclusive range of hand-woven sarees made with natural fibers. Supreme quality, detailed and beautiful stitch work, and elegant look – handloom sarees highlight Indian ethnicity and culture. Skilled artisans delicately weave every type of handloom saree to bring out unique designs that will attract the customers’ attention.

Unlike the old days, modern women love wearing traditional handloom pieces. Combined with assorted accessories and a contrasting blouse, these sarees offer the most exquisite look.

Here’re A Few Popular Variants Of Handloom Sarees That Are In Demand Nowadays.

Silk Handloom Sarees

Silk sarees are one of the most favorite picks of every Indian woman. A handloom maker beautifully weaves designs on pure silk to produce the most elegant pieces. With modern techniques in place, flawless silk pieces can be created. The golden Zari border weaved on the same make these pieces look stunning. These sarees are generally available in dark blue, pink, red, and navy blue colors.

Some Designs of Maheshwari Sarees

Linen Handloom Sarees

Linen is a soft material and very comfortable to wear. Handloom linen sarees have thus gained high popularity because of their texture. You might get the same in different light shades. Among the combinations of green, blue, yellow are a real treat to the eyes. Linen cotton sarees are primarily in demand during the summers. They are suitable for ethnic as well as everyday wear.

Moreover, you don’t have to too thin or too fat to look gorgeous in this material. They are suitable for all types of body structures. Pair it up with a cotton blouse and a simple earpiece, and you can easily walk into a ceremony as well.

Wedding Handlooms

Benarasi handlooms are the ones which you can wear for any wedding occasion. Unlike handloom benarasis, the normal ones are burdensome and thick. Hence it becomes difficult for girls who are not acquainted with saree draping skills to carry or wear. On the other hand, if you opt for this variation, you can easily team up the same with a brocade blouse and be the attraction of the ceremony. Moreover, these handloom sarees are made of silk materials; hence you can easily drape the same.

White Linen with Patterns

These pieces of handloom sarees indeed stand out in the crowd. You’ll find a range of linen handlooms with a white base and different patterns. These sarees are unique because they have woven patterns only in the borders and the pallu. The rest of the saree is pure white without any pattern. They are preferred for professional purposes as well as occasional purposes. The patterns are generally hand-stitched and vary from floral designs to normal ones. You can team it up with a designer blouse and flaunt a stylish look at a party as well.

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